The Soda Academy

Rule of Thumb

Zemoga worked hand-in-hand with clients from Brodhead Productions, to create a Crowd-Sourced Court of Public Opinion, where the public can become intellectually engaged and emotionally vested in the news, issues and events that influence their lives and shape their world view.

The heart of Rule of Thumb is a polling engine with a simple but meaningful twist. Unlike traditional polling systems where participants are solicited, recruited and screened, Rule of Thumb welcomes anyone and everyone – it’s the people’s poll.

A simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down allows users to voice their opinions quickly and effectively. Users can also make comments and “add a karma,” indicating how a particular person on trial might be reincarnated in the next life. This functionality gives the opportunity for users to elaborate on their votes and allows for an additional level of on-site engagement.

A straightforward value exchange.

Rule of Thumb gives users a forum and a structure where they can speak out and engage meaningfully around the issues of the day.