The Soda Academy

Raising the Steaks

Creating a utility-driven experience for one of America’s most iconic brands.

Wondersauce set out to cook up a best-in-class restaurant site that showcased the offerings of one of America's greatest brands, Outback Steakhouse. During their journey, they uncovered the magical story of the process by which each steak is prepared to perfection. And with that, for the first time in the history of the internet, Wondersauce brought users the ability to cook their own steak, watch a steak drop from the heavens, and take a 360 degree look at their favorite cut.

The experience is adaptive to device and time of day. On mobile, the homepage ditches the typical website carousel and serves up the most contextual information: menu, closest location, and wait time. The desktop homepage changes four times a day, based on time, location and editorial content.

The responsive site was also built with modularity in mind, allowing full manipulation of assets in a manner that makes the experience sustainable for years to come.