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Painless Peer Reviews

Frustrated by internal staff growth challenges at their company, a pioneering digital shop in South Africa crafted its own software solution to address them.

A few years ago, Urbian hit a growth spurt and looked for software to help them manage the peer review process without adding laborious time intensive administration.

The company is a big fan of leveraging software to help them with day-to-day tasks. However, when it came to peer reviews, they couldn't find anything that was just right for them. Everything seemed overly confusing and clunky, so they created their own SaaS solution that simplifies peer reviews by using a simple five-step process. (Note: You can learn more about Hi5 and this five step peer review process on the product website).

Having only used Hi5 internally, Urbian soon found that dealing with internal staff growth challenges was also something friends abroad within the SoDA network were grappling with. Urbian gave a few of these companies access to test the software in exchange for feedback. The feedback that came back was extremely positive and word spread quickly.

Urbian is honored to be able to help companies across a wide range of sectors (i.e., education, finance, travel, advertising and healthcare) with the same challenges it faced when it comes to managing staff growth and the peer review process.