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As the 9th largest cable TV provider in the United States, WOW! (Wide Open West) offers a variety of products and package offerings for consumers including broadband internet, cable and expanded digital television services.

To enforce the WOW! experience customers have come to expect from the brand, the redesigned site provides a personalized browsing experience that enforces the user’s feeling that it really is all about them.

The website redesign set out with 3 goals in mind:

  • Create accessibility across all devices.
  • Differentiate WOW! from competitors through usability, a strong brand story and design.
  • Simplify the site structure and user experience to drive users more efficiently through the sales funnel, and to provide superior customer support once they’ve made the decision to purchase.
Customer service and a “pay for what you need” approach are the cornerstones of their brand. Highlighting this unique brand story – and key differentiator in the industry – was both a challenge and an incredible opportunity. The site redesign initiative took place in tandem with a re-branding effort which opened new opportunities to play with color palettes, imagery and design.