The Soda Academy

Find Your Greatest

It’s time to re-introduce the Utah experience to winter travelers and encourage them to find “their greatest.”

Since the 2002 Winter Olympics, the primary message for Utah’s winter tourism campaign focused on accessibility. With nearly a dozen resorts within 45 minutes of Salt Lake’s airport and loads of après ski-joints just down the road from delightfully powdery slopes, Utah is a mecca for skiers and snowboarders. Yet, the state’s communication message lacked emotion and its iconic tagline “The Greatest Snow on Earth” was disconnected from the audience. Why is it great? How will people know it’s great?

The creative concept of the campaign by Struck was fed by the expansion of Utah’s historic tagline to include the various types of “greatest” winter experiences that could be discovered on Utah’s slopes. Coined in the early 1980s, the phrase was a result of actual scientific proof that Utah’s snow was, in fact, drier when compared to the slopes found in Colorado and California – Utah’s biggest cold weather competition. Although the phrase was heavily used in advertising and many travelers had a high awareness of Utah’s powder, previous communications failed to bring an emotional and contextual element to the phrase. Why was the snow unlike any other? It was time to approach winter marketing differently – to add life to this historically rooted phrase and create an emotional and contextual connection with different types of travelers. Communications needed to reach and resonate with multiple niche audiences, so Struck chose to use real people that had a connection to Utah and had a passion for the State. The six “Greatest” stories and storytellers included a snowboarder training to be the first Ugandan to represent his native country in the Olympics, a model and local Salt Lake skier, a gold medal winner in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games,’s CEO, a highly decorated Paralympic athlete, and an NBA Hall of Famer.