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Fuelled By Love

British Airways has initiated a heart-warming brand campaign for the India market through the launch of its latest short film titled, ‘Fuelled by Love.’

British Airways was looking for a compelling way to bring its passion and depth of understanding of the Indian market to life. The airline also wanted to drive re-appraisal of British Airways as a credible travel partner for India in order to spur immediate consideration.

While British Airways is seen as an established and reliable airline in India, brand perceptions also include some negative attributes, including an association with cold, clockwork-like professionalism. SapientNitro needed to bring the focus back to British Airways’ core values of building warmth and providing service from the heart.

During in-depth interviews with British Airways staff, it became crystal clear that the airline staff had fallen in love with India, despite the fact that India is perceived as a hugely demanding sector.

The SapientNitro team heard stories from the crew about how they developed lifelong friendships with locals, received invitations to personal celebrations, and experienced the incredible hospitality of the Indian people in countless other ways. Some even adopted children. These testimonials and stories of love and friendship led SapientNitro to craft a story inspired by real experiences, giving viewers a strong sense of the people behind the brand. has been trending in India at top positions on Facebook.