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Site Refresh

PEX is an innovative company that needed a website redesign to match the new brand, connect with its value proposition, and drive more successful customer acquisition.

Having carved out its own unique territory as a business expense management innovator, PEX grew exponentially for several years, quickly becoming an industry leader. More recently, however, the company started to see competitors encroaching on the space they had pioneered. It was time to reinforce their status as market leaders and reimagine the PEX brand.

Business objectives were to increase acquisition by:

  • Increasing the number of users to the site
  • Increasing the number of users who go on to generate online inquiries
  • Increasing the number of users who go on to complete the online enrollment
  • Personalizing the prospective customer experience throughout the site so as to engage prospects in a way that is relevant and meaningful to their industry sector
PEX recognized that all of its clients feel time-starved and stressed, but in very unique ways. As a result, a generic ‘one size fits all’ site just wasn’t going to cut it. Rockpool needed to personalize the experience, quickly learning which persona you fit into and changing the experience to suit your needs.