The Soda Academy

Feet, Welcome to Your Happy Place

A website experience created to unveil the first-ever footwear range from Arc’teryx.

When a client that’s known for meticulous product construction launches their first range of shoes, the only thing that can match their excitement is an agency eager to create a digital space showcasing the unique approach and precision manufacturing that goes into their high-quality shoes.

Pound & Grain created a design style that aligns seamlessly with the Arc’teryx brand. It presents a tone and mood that showcases this specialized range of outdoor footwear without feeling overly technical. A thorough understanding of the product and target audience helped shape the development plan into a high-end browser specific solution.

The use of CSS3 allows for slick scrolling with backups that degrade very well. The decision to build timings on different layers reinforces the mission for smoother transitions across the entire site. The development choices and design direction work together effortlessly, creating beautiful visual depth and a dynamic feel for a scroll-powered site that offers maximum control and experience to the user. An additional benefit is in the excellent load time. It’s so quick there was no need for a pre-loader.