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The Wybo Pathbreaker

A smartphone app that uses GPS to create a real-life version of the classic mobile game “Snake”.

What happens to us when we can no longer visit a place more than once? That is what Polish vodka brand Wyborowa wants people to find out with the latest marketing campaign – “The Wybo Pathbreaker.”

To stay in the game, the player has to keep going to new places. This smartphone app is a playful way to get people to leave their comfort zones and dare to explore – which just happens to be Wyborowa’s motto.

Concerned by how many people seem resigned to follow the same monotonous routine day in and day out, Wyborowa encourages us to break out and explore exciting new worlds. Wyborowa, together with Stockholm-based agency Perfect Fools, gave people all over the globe the chance to take on the classic mobile game “Snake” in real life via a new smartphone app. It’s a game where you must never follow your footsteps.

How far is it possible to go without visiting the same place twice? To have any success in the game, you have to know your neighborhood like the back of your hand. Since your every move is being tracked by the app, not planning your next step carefully will get you kicked out of the game sooner or later.

To launch the campaign, Perfect Fools teamed with American social media star Jon Paul Piques in Los Angeles and named him the Pathbreaker. His epic adventure lasted for three days and was documented by a camera team. Upon release, fans and followers were encouraged to download the app and explore their own path into the unknown. And so they did, it seems, as there are now Pathbreakers in over 80 countries.