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A Beacon of Hope Near You

Originate partnered with NewAer to develop a proximity platform that provides the benefits of beacons with a software-only solution. NewAer uses existing hardware to enable new peer-to-peer experiences within a retail space.

The adoption of beacons in retail environments — estimated at only 3% of all retailers according to Forrester in 2015 — has not been as rapid as was once hyped. The slow uptake can largely be attributed to the high entry barrier for the end user. The fact that customers must download (and grant permissions) to that retailer’s mobile app in order to benefit from beacon technology has clearly inhibited the adoption rate.

Originate partnered with NewAer to remove the current barriers that are slowing the adoption of this technology by developing a proximity platform and SDKs that power the next generation of context-aware applications. The initiative not only uses beacons, but also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wearables and other proximity technologies. The result is a powerful solution that is inclusive, flexible, smart and simple.

NewAer’s technology powers many applications, including exciting innovations for Lufthansa and Unilever’s Magnum ice cream brand. To celebrate Magnum’ 25th anniversary, the brand launched an app, powered by the NewAer SDK, that sparked spontaneous rendezvouses between close-by friends and encouraged them to share an ice cream. Lufthansa’s Super JetFriends, designed for the needs and safety of unaccompanied minors, allows children to communicate on devices during their travels through NewAer’s secure peer-to-peer Proximity Platform rather than through open Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.