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Hungry for Voice Experience Design?

Organic develops first-to-market Amazon Alexa capability that reads recipes to users.

The Quaker and Organic teams recently saw a spike in social chatter for Overnight Oats - oats that have been chilled in the fridge and served with a variety of toppings. Although Overnight Oats is a growing trend among younger millennials, there was an opportunity to extend awareness to a larger audience by leveraging an emerging technology – the Amazon Echo.

The Organic team started with the consumer desire for simple, creative recipes that they can experiment with in their homes. Organic married this consumer need for easy inspiration with the voice-controlled, hands-free technology of the Echo. Organic identified the true utility of the Amazon Echo for Quaker, focusing on its ability to read a recipe to a user step by step and guide them through the prep process.

Leveraging Amazon’s development platform, Organic built an Alexa “skill” (Amazon’s name for Echo apps) that:

  • Introduces the user to Overnight Oats with a quick description
  • Allows the user to choose between a variety of top searched and pinned recipes
  • Reads the recipe in an interactive fashion that allows users to go at their own pace, telling the Echo when they are ready to proceed or going back to a previous step if they’d like
  • Offers ingredient substitutions to users
The recipe details are then sent to the user’s phone via the Amazon Echo app for quick reference. The app Organic developed is scalable so that in coming updates, we can provide users with recipes beyond Overnight Oats that span breakfast, lunch and dinner.