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Oh Healthy Day!

Mirum developed a ground-breaking crowdsourcing app for Johnson & Johnson to help consumers identify and combat illnesses in their community.

Few things are as frustrating as being sick. You want relief, but don’t know where to find it. You look online, ask friends and family, or stand, overwhelmed, in the local drugstore, not knowing which products to select.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare–the division of Johnson & Johnson that manages over-the-counter medicines–wanted to help families demystify cold, flu and allergy remedies by providing easy-to-follow solutions that would provide quick and effective relief.

Mirum responded by developing the HealthyDay app, which uses patent-pending technology to compare multiple data streams, including user-reported information, Google searches, social media updates, and reports from medical professionals. The app shows what bugs are going around, what the common symptoms are, and how severe or widespread the problem has become.

Plus, you can enter your symptoms and receive customized recommendations to feel better faster. The information is presented in small, digestible bites, using infographics and clear suggestions, and every symptom entered triggers custom content.

Additionally, the app provides “Illness Alerts” along with “30-Second Solutions” which are tips on how to feel better and stay ahead of catching anything else. And if you’re in need of assistance, you can quickly and easily order Rescue Kits full of helpful cold, flu and allergy solutions.

The more you interact with the app, the easier it becomes to track your trends and to identify how they relate to your community. And as more people add their data, the more reliable and effective it becomes – in addition to being a successful CRM tool for Johnson & Johnson.