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Meet Snappy!

A recently launched airline in Mexico breaks category conventions and builds an innovative brand committed to making the flying and traveling experience more enjoyable.

TAR (or Transportes Aéreos Regionales) is a new domestic airline in Mexico focused on business travelers. Many of the airline’s customers are young parents who struggle when they’re away, feeling out of touch with their kiddos back home.

That's why Mescalina created Snappy, a toy that allows children to share moments big and small with their parents no matter where they are. Snappy has a high definition camera and a device to play audio clips which is linked to the parent’s phone. The child can record videos with the press of a button. Dad or mom can see the videos in a gallery and replay back in an instant with a voice message.

A light display on Snappy tells the child that he or she has received a message, and can listen to it by pressing a button. With projects like Snappy, TAR is starting to gain recognition as an innovative brand that really cares for its customers, adding value by understanding people’s concerns while traveling.