The Soda Academy

The new elevates the website experience.

In partnership with GSD&M, MediaMonks built a prestigious new platform that helps potential recruits navigate career options and helps the user see a future with the U.S. Air Force.

MediaMonks created a customizable interface to help inspire recruits to learn, explore and discover relevant career opportunities with the U.S. Air Force. Through this complex web platform, carefully curated content paths create a one-of-a-kind journey that’s specific to each person’s unique persona. Driven by dynamic algorithms, is able to analyze and adjust content specific to the wants, priorities and experience of each user. Each personalized digital path aims to identify qualified recruits and, in turn, help them discover the careers and relevant paths that best suit their skills, needs and interests as early in the process as possible.

As users organically explore the site, interactive elements designed to identify each person’s motivators help create each user’s unique path. The specific details they share reveal elements about who they are, what experience they have and what they are looking to achieve in their future.

MediaMonks used a contemporary design aesthetic and created a slew of sleek animations to fuel the already-adrenalized content, making it even more visually invigorating and dynamic. The design also helps to maintain a lively, active interface while introducing users to the content of each section. Cross-links keep visitors connected while directing them to further relevant content as they travel throughout the site. is an inspiring digital experience clad with incredible, engaging content that adjusts based on the particular interests and abilities of every visitor.