The Soda Academy

Peanutize Me!

For Fox’s The Peanuts Movie, Ludomade asked two very simple questions. What would you look like drawn as a character from Peanuts? Wouldn't you like to find out? And Peanutize Me! was born.

Peanutize Me! was designed to generate awareness for the film The Peanuts Movie. It allows anyone (including celebrities and influencers) to create a hyper-shareable version of themselves as an animated Peanuts character. The ultimate goal was to capitalize on the multi-generational love for these characters, and allow anyone to weave their own personal mark and style into an asset that people could customize and share with friends, family and strangers! The platform propelled interest and sparked conversation around the upcoming film.

Ludomade created and designed Peanutize Me! with more than 860 custom assets, including clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories and more in a mobile-optimized site that allowed users to share their Peanutized selves via their social channels. To get the ball rolling, Ludomade also created celebrity characters including Whoopi Goldberg, Ryan Seacrest, Kylie Jenner, Betsey Johnson, eight Bravo TV celebrities, and a number of YouTube influencers that were posted to their personal accounts by the celebrities themselves. Following the initial launch, customized seasonal assets have been released to keep Peanutize Me! fresh and relevant.