The Soda Academy

From Data Avalanche to Business Insight

In the highly competitive world of telecommunications, companies are constantly scrambling to deliver meaningful value that sets them apart from the competitive pack while creating more loyal and satisfied customers. But how do you do that in an industry where most people believe all services – and service providers – are essentially created equal?

Through their normal course of business, most telco companies collect volumes upon volumes of customer data about their customers’ mobile usage, behaviors and preferences. They have a virtual treasure trove of insights that could be used by marketing execs to create experiences that are far more targeted and personalized. Leopard created a colorful, interactive infographic to make it easy for marketing execs at telcos to learn how they can sift through an avalanche of data with IBM Analytics to generate actionable business intelligence.

Organized into three narratives inspired by client needs, the infographic combines whimsical illustrations and first-person, customer perspectives to personify the business opportunities and benefits. Multiple layers of information allow users to access deeper and deeper levels of information at their own pace.

To help create current and longer-term cost efficiencies for IBM, Leopard worked with IBM developers to build the infographic using an existing messaging platform that minimized infrastructure investment and leveraged a built-in system for search engine optimization (SEO) and content management, as well as a responsive environment for mobile viewing. The digital infrographic platform also allows for quicker content changes down the road, while also facilitating the inclusion of videos and other types of immersive content in the future.