The Soda Academy

A Fresh Approach to Education

Koombea and OpenED came together to push the boundaries of technology and educational change.

With the largest library of primary and secondary education materials in the US, OpenEd is helping students approach education in an entirely new way. OpenEd has on-boarded hundreds of thousands of teachers onto the platform since its inception as well as scores of parents and tutors. With such astronomic levels of growth, the company needed to scale the five separate applications that comprise OpenEd while having all site resources and functionality continue to sync correctly and seamlessly throughout the transformation process. No small task given that the OpenEd platform houses over a million assessments, homework assignments, videos, games and lesson plans for every standard K-12 educators in the U.S. must teach.

In order to face that challenge, Koombea and OpenEd worked in close collaboration, building a brand new technology. The solution was a custom, component-based Rails architecture that proved to be a great compromise the separation a full-on service-oriented architecture provides and the ease of working within a single application.