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Plug one device into your car’s diagnostic port and know more about your ride than ever before: that’s Mojio.

Connected cars offer endless possibilities, most of which are poorly understood by your average driver. Mojio had to educate its audience, and with new competitors entering the space every week, they had to do so quickly. Otherwise, the revolution they helped spark as the leading open platform for connecting cars had the potential to stall.

Invoke’s research led to the creation of a new website focused on education, painting the picture of life with Mojio for prospective customers. When launched, unique purchases shot up 64 percent and revenue increased 57 percent.

After customers purchase the hardware, they’re introduced to the Mojio family of apps – crafted by the Invoke design team with a distinct visual language and flexibility to evolve alongside Mojio’s hardware.

But the journey isn’t over. The connected car space is full of exciting developments, and Invoke continues to work with Mojio to recognize changes, adapt and iterate in order to craft the future of driving.