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Yamaha My Garage

Yamaha makes the experience of building a bike intensely personal.

For Yamaha, INDG created an app that provided riders with a way to visualize the endless options available on each model, putting the experience of building a bike at riders’ fingertips. Configuring a motorcycle to personal perfection has traditionally been a challenge. Consumers haven’t typically enjoyed the ability to fully visualize all of the possible configurations or available accessories. After researching existing configurators, the team realized most are highly confusing and fail to convey the bike customization experience in a tangible way.

To gather input, modelers from INDG went to Italy to take more than 5,000 photographs and measurements of Yamaha’s latest bikes. These were then converted into digital master assets and design began. The interface of the app itself is stripped back, eliminating buttons, bars and boxes. This allows the rider to build a bike with their bare hands, in the highest-quality, real-time 3D.

The settings capture the essence of each of Yamaha’s brands. Riders can experience the nostalgia of the Sport Heritage line in the "Faster Sons" garage, fine-tune a bike from the Super-Sport line in Yamaha Racing, and explore the dark side of Japan with the MT line.

Built with the Unity 3D game engine, the My Garage configurators integrate seamlessly on every mobile platform without sacrificing quality or performance. Enthusiasts can configure their motorcycles to personal perfection and view their creations in detail from every angle and zoom level. They can create the perfect picture of their dream bike with customizable lighting angles and filters. Pictures are easily shared on social media or with a nearby Yamaha dealer to place an order.

INDG provided Yamaha with a real-time configurator that gives them a strong digital connection with their audience. Riders around the world can now build their ultimate Yamaha motorcycle, directly connect with a dealer and hit the road.