The Soda Academy

Destination Ireland

During the global recession, visitors to Ireland dropped 25% from their 2008 peak. The country was losing 3,500 visitors a day. Fáilte Ireland, the country’s National Tourism Development Authority, needed to recapture the imagination of the new travel consumer in a competitive market.

Rising to the occasion, In the Company of Huskies developed a bold three-year strategy focused on telling the story of Ireland, Dublin and the Wild Atlantic Way (Ireland’s spectacular coastal route) through an engaging online campaign and immersive digital experience. The creative agency focused on three psychographic target segments: the Culturally Curious, Social Energizers and Great Escapers across the UK, US, French & German markets. To reach them, a highly targeted content model was developed which delivered the right content, in the right context, at the right moment.

Huskies researched the varied motivations, interests and passions of the audience in each market and matched them to tourism offerings in Ireland in order to create content that the target audience would naturally be drawn to.

Curated and original content were blended to speak to their unique passions and interests in order to move them along the consumer journey from dreaming to awareness to experience.

Overall, the strategy shifted the emphasis from an overt sales approach (less persuasive) to stories told by the trade, peers and fellow travelers (more persuasive), which had a huge impact on results.