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Visit Victoria

A refreshed online travel hub, Visit Victoria, is aimed at boosting tourism and promoting Victoria to travelers.

Tourism Victoria released an exciting update to its digital platform, aiming to bring more people to Victoria than ever and drive engagement with local businesses. It’s now easy for travelers to browse, plan and book their stay through meticulously curated listings on Visit Victoria.

Increasingly, the government of Victoria is looking to agile as a better way of solving technology problems, and the Visit Victoria site is one of the first such initiatives to come to fruition. By using this methodology and practice, Tourism Victoria was able to reach the best outcome possible in the shortest period of time.

Tourism Victoria’s long-term digital partner IE was co-located on site with the internal team for six months, allowing the combined group to work in close collaboration and to truly function as an agile team.

IE took Tourism Victoria through an agile plan phase, which consisted of workshops aimed to detail and prioritize requirements, confirm objectives and solidify the project roadmap.

The rebuilt site is sitting on the Sitecore CMS, a strong and scalable platform for Tourism Victoria given its complex personalization and enterprise content management capabilities.

For travelers from around the globe, Visit Victoria is now available in eight different languages, including: French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and English. 
The new site features an intuitive user experience and clean design. Visitors can use the advanced filtering system to easily and quickly find their desired attractions, either by location or category.