The Soda Academy

Zaha Hadid 520 West 28th Sales Gallery Experience

HUSH was asked to design an innovative sales experience for Zaha Hadid’s first residential project in New York City.

The sales and marketing gallery for “520 West 28th”, situated in the notable West Chelsea neighborhood, was defined by physical and digital design details: layout, narrative content, digital interfaces, sound and technology activations.

Every move was intended to translate the power of architect-as-artist and the appeal of living inside a work of art. From start to finish, the sales experience not only delivered critical marketing information, but the intangible value of the building, the power of brand, as well as the caliber and legacy of the architect, the designer and the developer – who have all come together to create an unparalleled living experience.

Buyers were enveloped within customizable digital content, including an original animated film about Hadid’s process, the building’s site and the core gestures of the design. With choreographed sound and lighting transitions, buyers move into a lounge space featuring an interactive table to explore an array of valuable content through an unconventional, extra-large interface.