The Soda Academy

Digital Invaders

The main asset of a company is people. In this industry, we need sharp people with the right knowledge – knowledge that is often not imparted in typical classrooms or accessible on the Internet. As a result, GrupoW founded a digital art school to help impart the right knowledge.

Digital Invaders is an interactive website promoting GrupoW’s creative school, located in Saltillo, Mexico. With fantastic animation and illustrated characters, this living, breathing project allows students to explore and apply the latest trends in interaction design, technology and usability.

As a formal school, Digital Invaders exists not only to ensure that the next generation of talent has a global vision of business and innovation, but also to cultivate a collaborative spirit allowing young creatives to face (and solve) daily problems. As the saying goes, none of us is as smart as all of us. Digital Invaders seeks to fill in the blanks that traditional universities have not addressed when it comes to digital transformation and the need for rapid-fire innovation.

Students and experts from a wide array of countries gather with a singular mission: to share real-world experiences and to explore new ways to come up with alternative solutions. Students in the program hone their skills; participate in hands-on, applied learning; and discover new techniques and problem-solving methods via continuous feedback.

A highly competitive program focused on digital and creative innovation, Digital Invaders encourages the discussion and analysis of ideas and ultimately leads to professional opportunities for students and – increasingly -to the development of new products and IP.