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Customization and the Future of Wolverine Worldwide

A unique, robust and scalable ecommerce experience for consumers now sets Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. apart from the rest of the pack and helps it grow faster than the competition.

With $2.7 billion in revenue in fiscal 2014, Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. is one of the world’s largest marketers of branded footwear, apparel, and accessories, with a global portfolio of 15 brands including household names like Keds, Sperry, Hush Puppies, Chaco and others.

To achieve the brand’s goals of market differentiation and growth, Wolverine embarked on an 18-month journey to re-platform all of their global digital properties to the Demandware Commerce Cloud. All while simultaneously rolling out customizable product offerings across several key brands including Chaco, Sperry and Keds. By doing so, Wolverine laid the foundation for scalable direct-to-consumer ecommerce experiences that could support the needs of a diverse portfolio of global brands.

Within 18 months, Wolverine re-platformed their entire portfolio to Demandware, including more than 70 websites and 40 mobile sites across 13 countries and five currencies. This achievement was only part of the story. While individual brands in their lineup had experimented with custom product offerings in the past, the re-platforming empowered Wolverine to scale customization to multiple brands, which will significantly enhance its direct-to-consumer business.

Custom products facilitate deeper direct-to-consumer connections, thereby bringing significant ecommerce business back in house. Scalability and the ability to leverage customization across all their brands were paramount, and all of Wolverine’s customization experiences leverage Fluid’s Configure 3.0 software as their base platform. However, preserving each individual brand’s identity was also essential, so Fluid worked to create customization sites that reflected their unique flavor and “feel.”