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Hitting the Accelerator on Dynamic for Prius

The age of dynamic advertising has arrived, and it isn’t always pretty. Fancy Pants Group set out to change that.

Programmatic advertising has gone from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye. Brands have realized that they can maximize their reach with highly targeted, automated buys and are investing more and more of their budgets into programmatic buys. Yet many brands invest a lot of time and money to reach the right audiences, at the right times, only to serve static, blurry and uninspiring ads that just don’t work.

Building a beautiful, dynamic ad campaign takes lots of planning, teamwork, and a big helping of creativity. Luckily, Fancy Pants Group had the perfect teammates—the Toyota Prius digital brand team and Saatchi + Saatchi LA. Together, a dynamic content optimization plan, filled with stunning animated elements, eye-catching artwork, and personalized touches from road signs to headlines, was created.

Ads were full of flourishes, like geotargeted city signs and subtle cinemagraphs, that captured the attention of viewers. Backgrounds switched between night and day and colors and headlines were all interchangeable.