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UNICEF – Help a Child in Need with an Emoji

A picture is worth a thousand words—an expression that rings true in this campaign for UNICEF Netherlands.

UNICEF wants all children in the world to have a carefree childhood in a safe and homelike environment—where they can play, learn and develop their talents. They believe in children, in what they can become, and in what they could mean to the world…if given the chance.

At this very moment, a humanitarian disaster is happening in Syria. Millions of Syrian children have been forced by war and violence to leave everything behind and live in refugee camps. They try to build a temporary existence in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, but in poor conditions.

UNICEF helps these children by distributing clean water, providing sanitation and offering vaccination campaigns. Every year, UNICEF comes up with a large fundraising campaign and a specific theme. This year, it’s all about Syrian refugees.

As part of a cross media fundraising campaign, Energize was asked to develop a solution to generate leads (people texting) and convert them to donors. The solution: text an emoji instead of a word to 4333 to provide emergency assistance for refugee children in and around Syria. By adding emojis to the familiar text message mechanism, a new, more emotional, layer is added to the donation.

Together with UNICEF, the proposition appeals to the target audience, helping to ensure children in Syria have a safe place where they can survive and grow up healthy. y Dutch people can support the work of Unicef Nederland in a special and contemporary way.