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Water For People Data Visualization and Reporting Tool

A redesigned data-reporting tool by EffectiveUI helps Water For People share their compelling story.

Committed to providing sustainable water and sanitation access for “Everyone Forever,” Water For People’s mission is simple. The non-profit’s data tool, however, was not. With data from 30 regional districts across nine different countries, Water For People needed a reporting tool that would demonstrate their efforts in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way. The company enlisted EffectiveUI to rethink and redesign the reporting tool, ultimately providing donors and professionals in the field with the information they need.

Throughout the project, EffectiveUI focused on creating a cohesive interaction model, adaptive information architecture and a stunning visual design. The driving principle behind the project was to tell Water For People’s compelling story in a clear format.

EffectiveUI revamped the reporting tool so that reports are now separated into ‘chapters’ to tell each district’s story. Users can view information from a specific area, with detailed metrics and the meaning behind them easily available to the user.

The platform is easier to use and presented in a simple but scalable way. Key improvements include Water For People’s ability to incorporate new data as it comes in, instead of waiting for a compilation of all the data at major milestones. Also, data can now be aggregated over time, allowing analysts to study trends on a longitudinal basis.