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Using Technology to Require Your Brand to Listen

Using technology to rewire your brain to listen

Spatial processing disorder (SPD) is the inability to focus on a sound coming from one direction when suppressing sounds are coming from other directions.

Working with the National Acoustics Laboratory in Sydney, Deepend developed Sound Storm, an innovative iPad game that’s designed to remediate cases of SPD.
 In order for the app to be effective, children had to complete a full 10 weeks of gameplay. So the challenge was to create a highly compelling experience that would engage them for that full period.

The game follows the adventures of Suno, who’s on an epic quest to free the wise princess Nala and save the galaxy from the destructive and chaotic Sound Storm. Filled with rich characters and unique environments, each element was hand crafted and rendered, to create a fully immersive and vibrant narrative.

The game also features a multilayered reward mechanic featuring instant feedback, daily unlockables and weekly rewards that open up new worlds and progress the story.

Game play was then translated into detailed medical graphs for the audiologists in order for them to track actual remedial progress.