The Soda Academy

Where Will the Next Track Lead You?

A VR experience that takes users around the world.

Campus Party is Brazil’s biggest tech event series which brings together young geeks from all over the country. In its 9th edition, Spotify invited D3 to bring the brand’s new campaign concept to life: “Where Will the Next Track Lead You?”

D3 customized a unique VR headset experience that immersed users in a musically-charged global experience that mixed physical inputs, audio and visual stimulation. By touching and spinning a globe, they were able to choose a location and were instantly transported there, while listening to the perfect soundtrack for each place. The digital landscape was designed on Unity, combined with 360° panoramas from Google Street View.

Users were able to rotate 360º to explore the scenery, before being taken to a new location with a new soundtrack. The experience in each landscape lasted 30 seconds. While the user experienced a deep VR immersion, everything they saw on the Oculus Rift was projected on the booth’s walls so that people standing in line and those passing by could see a preview of the stand’s interaction.