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Netflix Global Media Center

How to expand globally with everyone watching.

To support its ambitious global expansion – growing from 55 countries to over 200 in mere months – Netflix needed a modern media hub. Media professionals seeking to report on Netflix across topics as varied as corporate vision, technological innovation and the latest content use the media center to discover what’s happening at Netflix, watch advance screeners and build their stories.

New York-based Brooklyn United and Seattle-based Ratio partnered with the video platform Ooyala to deliver a best-in-class product capable of smoothly managing complex international licensing rules and multi-language requirements (13 languages and counting). Together, these agencies identified key internal stakeholders within Netflix and built processes to make the lives of those stakeholders easier and their workflows more efficient. Region-specific permissions, in-house management of member approvals, deep integration with Netflix’s internal systems for user validation and communication represent just a few of the myriad service improvements delivered behind the scenes of this powerful tool.

But perhaps most importantly, Brooklyn United and Ratio collaborated closely with the Netflix brand team to produce a seamless experience for new and returning journalists, all while the Netflix brand was undergoing a dramatic refresh.