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To celebrate the iconic fiftieth edition of iFly KLM Magazine, Born05 and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines created the ultimate travel collection, presenting the 50 most beautiful, surprising and mesmerizing destinations from around the world.

The iFly50 should come with a warning label. From the first moment you start to swipe through this immersive and impressive collection of breath-taking destinations, you will develop an irresistible urge to get up, pack a bag and catch the first flight out.

River deep, mountain high
Swim with sharks in St. Maarten, climb the icy peaks of Tanzania's Kilimanjaro, take a spiritual boat tour down the Ganges or stroll through the surreal Stockholm subway system. iFly50 has got it all, but be aware: love-struck driven spontaneous travel plans are just a gentle swipe away.

Turbulence free content consumption
For this very special occasion, Born05 created a completely new interface and structure, allowing the user to smoothly scroll through all 50 destinations, offering special space-bar-induced-sidesteps along the way (but only if you want to). You can unlock immersive 360° video footage, listen to unique audio files featuring local heroes, or just sit back and take a long look at the never ending stream of stunning photographs.

From Iran to Indonesia, from China to Cuba, from Namibia to Norway, you decide where you want to go.