The Soda Academy

SWEP: The Schools Water Efficiency Program.

August took an initial brief to transfer information from a PDF to online, and developed a watertight solution for a much larger problem.

Wasted water is a huge source of needless expenditure for schools throughout Australia and the world. Leaking taps and pipes mean that money is literally going down the drain. If schools can find leaks early, they save water and money – money that is better spent on computers, equipment and other valuable resources.

SWEP is the Schools Water Efficiency Program, which actively detects leaks through automated data logging. This simple, yet powerful, government initiative educates kids on saving water, while changing attitudes along the way.

With a data-logging interface, SWEP tracks water use in schools to identify leaks. Tested on real kids in the real world, the program aligns to the strict requirements of the Australian national curriculum. SWEP does all the hard work behind the scenes to provide schools with data on their water usage. The interface hides a complex system architecture that connects multiple user groups with data from a number of suppliers. SWEP updates every 15 minutes and provides users with status boards and easy-to-interpret graphs.

The SWEP website and interface use lively illustrations, friendly typography, and a bold color palette. The beauty is in its simplicity. In devising the aesthetic, it was essential that data was presented in a fun and appealing way to relate to kids of all ages. This was a driving force in creating an awesome user experience for the target audience.

SWEP—making schools more sustainable through data made beautiful and meaningful.