The Soda Academy

Introduction to Tech Talk

This year’s focus for The SoDA Report centers on the theme of evolution and how we need to adapt as marketers to the tremendous changes that the industry is going through at present. It’s pretty obvious to say that technology is at the center of this revolution and has never been as critical to transformation as it is right now. Not only is technology helping improve and simplify industries globally, but it’s also helping create entirely new business models.

For marketers like us, technology is now enabling new innovation streams that allow us to rethink the business and, among other things, reach consumers in completely new and different ways. For example, transformative technologies like virtual and augmented reality are finally well implemented thanks to innovations like Oculus and HoloLens which enable consumers to experience technology like never before.

Within this section, we consider how technologies can transform industries of all stripes – including the creative industries – and ways in which they impact user experience. We also look at how technology and development tools will themselves be transformed to make it easier for brands and agencies to deliver such transformative experiences to clients. Because, let’s be honest, change will be the one constant in the years to come, so we’d better develop skills and approaches that allow us not only to survive, but to thrive, in a rapidly transforming world.