Introduction to Tech Talk

Zachary Jean Paradis

The intent of “Tech Talk” is to “future gaze on the technology developments and trends impacting the industry.” It’s getting harder to have a discussion about the future of any industry without tying it to technology. In many ways, this discussion is similar because consumer-enabling technology is forcing a connection between what were discreet functions and disciplines in companies. Want to focus on product but don’t care about sales? Good luck. Wish you could be the “ad guy” and not worry about messy customer service? That’s old mode thinking.

Tech Talk continues to introduce ways in which technology can enable more effective and meaningful connections between brands and people. The section begins with Ratio’s James Senior, breaking the often jargon-filled discussion of iBeacons and location-based experience down in simple terms. Next, Adobe’s CJ Gammon outlines how the nature of the Web itself is changing to address the multiplicity of contexts, touch points, interfaces and screen sizes. Tech Talk concludes with a call-to-action, by Enlighten’s Michael Behnke, inviting agency technologists to increase the value of their work by staying up-to-date on front-end technologies.

As marketers in a technology-enabled, connected world, we need to widen our aperture to include the whole experience. Expectations raised and demand-driven through great creative becomes a costly misstep if not aligned with the service that is actually being delivered. As so many industries mature and more of our clients need to focus on lifetime value over acquisition, we must see the bigger picture. This includes technology underpinning the communications, products, services–and yes, overall experience–our clients exchange with their customers.