Introduction to Modern Marketer

Rob Thorsen The interconnected nature of all the touch points the Modern Marketer has to master constantly reminds us how each and every interaction matters.

All the products, communications and content we create, and the tactics and techniques we deploy on their behalf, answer to a common end goal. What’s most critical is to understand the relationships between each of those interactions and the dynamics that drive them.

In this edition, our contributors explore a variety of relationships that wield a major impact on the success of modern marketing initiatives.

Darren Woolley, Founder and Global CEO of TrinityP3 explores the nature of Client/Agency relationships. More specifically, how and where those relationships sometimes come undone. A valuable lesson for everyone to be sure.

Next up, Ross Crooks, Co-Founder of Column Five takes time to break down the relationship between the whole and its parts in his piece on Divisible Content – a must read for the burgeoning number of brands currently ramping up their content marketing efforts.

From there Anthony Franco, Founder of EffectiveUI, examines the relationship between the art of selling and the art of serving and, interestingly, shows us that these seemingly complimentary pillars may actually be at odds with one another.

Jackson Murphy and Penny Norman from Pound & Grain make us stop and consider the relationship between what’s real and what’s not, landing on a provocative question of their own - does it even matter?

Lastly, Andrew Delmarter from Huge explores the relationship between the content we create and the sprawling context in which that content must appear to be effective across the modern marketing landscape.

Enjoy these excellent and thought-provoking pieces.