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Chris Butter Chris Buettner
Managing Editor of The SoDA Report
SoDA Executive Director

After a career on the digital agency and publisher side that spanned 15+ years, Chris Buettner now serves as Managing Editor of The SoDA Report. He is also the Executive Director of SoDA where he is charged with developing and executing the organization’s overall strategic vision and growth plan. And with roots in journalism, the transition to lead SoDA has been a welcome opportunity to combine many of his talents and passions. After living in Brazil and Colombia for years, Chris is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and is an enthusiastic supporter of SoDA’s initiatives to increase its footprint in Latin America and around the world. Chris lives in Atlanta with his wife and two daughters.

Editorial Team

Sean MacPhedran Sean MacPhedran, Industry Insider
Group Planning Director, Fuel

Sean is Group Planning Director at Fuel (based in Ottawa, Canada), where he currently works with clients including McDonald’s Europe, Nokia, Mattel and Lucasfilm. He specializes in youth marketing, entertainment & game development, and the incorporation of pirates into advertising campaigns for brands ranging from Jeep to Family Guy. Outside of Fuel, he is co-founder of the Ottawa International Game Conference, managed the category-free Tomorrow Awards and spent a good deal of time in the Mojave Desert launching people into space at the X PRIZE Foundation. They all came back alive.

Rob Thorsen Rob Thorsen, Modern Marketer
Managing Director, Big Spaceship

As Managing Director, Rob oversees the development of Big Spaceship’s client relationships and the disciplines of the agency that drive them. Equal parts relationship builder and creative contributor, Rob brings over 15 years of agency building expertise to the agency. His work includes launching Unilever’s AXE at BBH NY, joining Mother NY as it’s first strategist stateside, to leading several flagship accounts at BBDO NY. When not in the office, Rob is either chasing down his two children with his wife, Sarah, or chasing after cyclists he so desperately tries to keep pace with. Also, he is from the Great State of New Jersey.

Zachary Jean Paradis Zachary Jean Paradis, Tech Talk
Director Innovation Strategy, SapientNitro

Zachary Jean Paradis is an innovation strategist, professor and author obsessed with transforming lives through customer experience. He works at SapientNitro, teaches at the Institute of Design and lives in Chicago. Zachary works with companies to become successful innovators by utilizing “experience thinking” as a strategic asset manifested in better offerings, flexible process, and open culture. He works with start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies as diverse as Chrysler Auto Group to Target, Hyatt Hotels to John Deere, M&S to McLaren, and SAP to Yahoo! evolving service and product experiences across digital and physical channels.

Kate Richling Kate Richling, SoDA Showcases
VP of Marketing, Phenomblue

As Phenomblue’s Vice President of Marketing, Kate Richling oversees the agency’s marketing and social media outreach, as well as its inbound marketing efforts. Previously, Richling worked in public relations, creating and executing strategies for institutes of higher education and Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as providing social media counsel to various non-profit organizations.

Jennifer Tucker Jennifer Tucker, Continuity Editor
Strategy Director, Deepend

As Strategy Director for award-winning digital agency Deepend, Jen uses her 10+ years of experience in transforming high profile brands and organization from traditional communication to digital platforms and helping them bridge the gap between creating something which is innovative and engaging but delivers results.

Along with her 10+ years experience on both client and agency side, Jen also holds a BA and Masters degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Sydney.


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