From the SoDA Board Chair

Tony Quin, Chairman of the Board, SoDA & CEO, IQ

Tony Quin Over the last 18 months, The SoDA Report has garnered nearly 450,000 views and downloads worldwide. This reflects the importance that the global digital professional community places on the vision of SoDA and its elite members.

SoDA, The Digital Society, is in its 7th year and is made up of the cream of the world’s digital agencies, production companies and digital design firms. Representing over 20,000 employees, the 86 member companies of SoDA have over 200 hundred offices in 28 countries and 6 continents around the globe, and include the most celebrated names in digital marketing and creativity. Throughout the year, members come together to share insights, vision and best practices in a commitment to the progress of our community and digital professionals everywhere.

SoDA is an invitation organization. Our goal is to have a membership made up entirely of only the best, most celebrated entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences around the globe. As a result, becoming a member is a rigorous process. Only 1 in 11 companies that are considered are invited to join. First a member must nominate a candidate company. Regional committees then review their work, leadership and culture. Those that pass go on to a vote of the entire membership, which is then reviewed and ratified by the Board of Directors. This demanding process has enabled SoDA membership to become a badge of excellence and recognition for our members.

As 2015 approaches, SoDA continues to grow – especially outside of North America. We have expanded our presence at major industry events such as SXSW and Cannes and continue to grow our benchmarking studies and peer collaboration groups. As a result, we have welcomed new members into SoDA this year from Australia, Sweden, the UK, Tanzania, South Africa, Colombia, Singapore and Japan, among other nations. We also continue to evolve our mentoring program, our Digital Marketing Roundtables, many of which are available to the public and our other best practices programs.

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